Switching spaces/desktops with keybinds on macos

Getting used to a tiling window manager in Linux is dangerous, especially when switching between different linux and macos on a frequent. I have used both i3 and bspwm and their keybind to switch between screens (equivalent of spaces on macos) is a real productivity boost. And as I'm a vivid spaces user on macos this keybind is something I really need.

The default keybind on i3 and bspwm is super + 1-9, on macos I opted for ⌘ + 1-5.

Open up System Perferences. Go to Keyboard and then Shortcuts. Open Mission Control in the sidepane and at the bottom in the right pane you'll see Switch to Desktop <n>.

If you don't see the number of Desktops you want you can open Mission Control and press the + to add the number of spaces you need.

macos, productivity