Keyboard shortcuts on mouse button on Ubuntu 20.10 (sxkhd)

I have started using my ELECOM Huge Trackball more and more and for both Windows and macos there's a software to control all the buttons on the mouse but unfortunately for me there's none for Linux. Left click, right click and the scroll wheel works out of the box. But there's 3 more buttons I would like to use.

There's two buttons left of the ball I would like bound to page up/down and the most right button I would macro to paste. All this is possible with a tool called xdotool. I'm using sxkhd for keyboard and mouse binds, I will have all my mouse button binds stored in sxkhd.

$ sudo apt install xdotool

To see what button codes to use start the xinput testing tool and press the button you want to bind. Look for the detail: n. The detail n is the button number we will use in the config later on.

This command will monitor all inputs from your keyboard and mouse, there will be a lots of events but you'll see a pattern once you start pressing your button. To exit focus the shell and press control+c.

$ xinput test-xi2 --root

Now open your sxkhd config and bind your shortcuts to your mouse.

# Top button left of trackball (page up)
  xdotool key Page_Up

# Bottom button left of trackball (page down)
  xdotool key Page_Down

# Most right button (paste)
  xdotool key Control_L+V

Here's a list of keycodes for xdotool